Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Smile Everyday~

I know it's not 15 june, so maybe it's not the right time to celebrate Power of a Smile Day... But i love to smile, so here we go, I'm gonna tell you what i think about smile.
Smile are powerful! yeah i know that is true, and i know that you know it too..
when I see smiles in people faces, I feel lighter and more joyful. Yes, smiling spreads cheer and can make others feel love and accepted. Here some smile things in food.. love them . :))
Iam a smiler. Iam smile too much, but sometimes i can lose my smile too because bad things happen in my daily life. But when it happen i always think about the greatest compliment i ever received was regarding my smile. A lovely friend once said, "you are always smiling. You have a beatiful smile. I love to see you. It always makes my day". Oh My God, remember this things always can burn my smile..
it's me and my smile :))
Smiles bring hope. In this economic times, we may have little to give, but we can always smile!! :)) I hope you always find a reason to smile.

Big Smile for all of you
Yuniar C. Th Johansz