Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Do You Love Yourself?

I love and believe in myself
I am grateful for what I have
I accept myself totally and unconditionally
I am 100% responsible for my life
I focus on what I appreciate in others
I can!
I am loving and caring
I see beauty in everything
I am the only person in charge of my happiness and bliss
I am patient
The more I give love, the more I receive love
I live in a universe of abundance
I am detached from the outcome
I persist in the directions of my dreams
I compare my progress only to myself
I take things one day at a time
I can change my life by changing my thoughts
I live my life the way I want to
I forgive and move on
I become what I think about, so I only think of good thoughts
I only have thoughts that empower me
I am decisive
My mind is focused on what I desire
Today I choose to be the best I can be at everything I do

reflection time
Yuniar C. Th Johansz