Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Last Date Conversation by Mejiku

Well, I know I’m not the most romantic guy in the world
I can not create even a simple line of a love note.
All I want to do is to tell you how much I would like to stay for you.
But circumstances won’t allowed me,
You know I must go, dear.
Far away and it takes longer than a day.

Well boy, I know you’re not the most romantic guy in the world.
But you already mesmerize me with your simple words.
All I want is you, and for you to stay with me. I don’t want these things to change.
I don’t care what’s going on,
I just don’t want to be alone.
I can not be apart from you; please I’m begging you…

I just want you to be near. You know how much it would mean,
To see you laugh and hold your hand when we’re dating on a weekend.
Girl, I know what you trying to say, but I can’t.
It just too complicated for me, to choose between my two dreams.
I want you, but I can’t do what you ask me to do.

Well boy, I just have one question left: Does this mean we are over?
No, babe. I’ll be gone for a while but I want you and me still together.
How can I be sure that you will keep your heart to me and you won’t see other girls?
You know I would not do that. How can I convince you?
Just stay here and be with me.
No, no. I must go.
Babe, I just want you to stay.
You know I would if I can.
I hope it doesn’t just another lie you’ve made.
(I never lie to you…) Girl, I need you to understand we are meant to be.
I don’t get what you trying to say. Do you want to run away?
No, babe. I want you to wait. I’ll be back again……

Please babe, take my promise, just wait……
(Ok, I’ll take your promise, I’ll wait……)
I’ll be back someday, ‘till then……
(You’ll be back someday, ‘till then……)
Don’t ever let me go……

I’m so glad you telling me this now…
Baby, I want you to wait. I’ll be back again someday…