Thursday, September 15, 2011

Somewhere in the world this week

I have no idea about the title, and i don't know it was right or not... hhhhmmm, well, i jut want to say something in english but i know my ability is not enough... okayy... it's been a week since i disappeared and in other part of the world there are a lot of splashy events happen, so i just want to share some of the great events.

08 September 2011
Santa Fe's tradition, Mexico

This is one of Santa Fe's best-loved traditions, and it has been an annual rite since 1924, when artist Will Shuster created Zozobra, inspired by seeing the Holy Week celebration of Mexico's Yaqui Indians. Every year Santa Fe stuffs all their wishes and troubles into a huge bogeyman marionette called Zozobra. Then they burn him down in a glorious blaze of pyrotechnics and fireworks putting all their troubles behind them. This year, Zozobra takes place on September 8 in Fort Marcy Park.
12 September 2011
Happy Mid-Autumn festival in China 
also known as the Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival or Zhongqiu Festival, is a popular lunar harvest festival celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese people
the parade things
13 September 2011
Dance the cueca and drink chica in Chile..
with september comes the arrival of spring in Chile, and the celebration of Chile's independence from Spain is a good excuse for a party after the winter.
Fiestas Patrias 2009 en Melipilla by Municipalidad de Melipilla, on Flickr