Thursday, January 12, 2012

7 sign that you should think to quit a job

just remember my last conversation with my "sundanese brother". he tell about his job and the office athmospere.. he tell me that sometimes his friend would absolutely dread going to work and just thinking about it would ruin their days off... is your job working out for you? if you love your job, good for you! hold on to it, cherish it.. if not, go throught this list and see if any of the items match up to your current situation. actually not all of these reason alone are are enough to quit your job, but a combination of them can be reason enough to leave it.. haha, and remember iam not tell you to quit your own job.. :)

sign that you should quit your job :
  1. There is no passion - i made this number one for a reason. if you have no passion for your job, then the rest of these signs don't matter. if you would do your job on your own time, even if you weren't getting paid for it, that is a good sign that you have passion for it.
  2. You don't get paid enough -  if you are just barely scraping by month to month or are getting yourself into a lot of debt, you might not be getting paid enough. yes, you might be making horrible choices with your money as well, but it could be your payment. are you living frugally, spending your money very carefully, and still find it hard to get ahead? if that is so then you are not getting paid enough!
  3. You dread going to work each day - this is not healthy. over time it will drive you crazy and will most likely just keep getting worse.
  4. You are embarrassed to tell others what you do -  if you find yourself trying to avoid conversation about jobs, salaries, careers and promotions with your friends and family because you are embarrassed about your job, that is not a good sign! find something that you are proud to share with people.
  5. Too long of a commute - a long commute will drain your time, energy, and money. is the passion you have for your job worth all of that? is so, great. if not, find something closer.
  6. Your job is not fulfilling - if you come home from work each day and you feel like you have not really helped the world in some way, or that your job is just not fulfilling, take a step back and think about your job.
  7. You have no desire to be the best you can be at your job - one sign that you are not in the right field is lack of effort.
a job does not have to be an everyday burden. it can help you fulfill your purpose in life if you find the right one. if you do decide to quit your job, do it the right way. be honest with your boss and management about why you are leaving. yeahh, i know changing a job is not an easy move for some people. i know that sometimes there are families involved and making a change would put them in a bad situation. i just encourage you to always keep your eyes for the opportunities. i made this list by a chatting with some friend, a deep talk with my brother, and of course by searching from google too..

what about your job?
Yuniar C. Th Johansz