Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Galungan Day

Galungan is a special day for Balinese Hindu people. It celebrates the triumph of good over evil. it is a day for prayer, offerings, dances and ceremonies. it is also the day that the balinese pay their respect to the spirit of their ancestors. for more information click this.
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"Galungan " , the day commemorated as the victory day of "Dharma"( virtue ) upon "Adharma " (evil ) according to the old history of Bali (Purana ) This day is the day of rituals, festivities and celebrations with "Penjor "the artistically decorated bamboo-pole stuck at every house entrance, adorning the both sides of the village-roads symbolizing prosperity. "Umanis Galungan", the day when the Hindu Followers visit their relatives for thanks giving while asking for forgiveness. There are several processions need to be done to celebrate Galungan Day:

PENYEKEBAN (3 days before Galungan) On this day, people begin to prepare the necessities for the Galungan ceremony. They collect fruits and store them in a special place until they get ripe.
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PENYAJAHAN (2 days before Galungan) On Penyajahan day, people keep on maintaining awareness, patience and the purity of the soul in order to control the demons. Another meaning of Penyajahan is making or cooking Balinese cakes (jaja). Therefore, on this day, people have to cook various kinds of Balinese cakes for the ceremony to come. 
PENAMPAHAN ( 1  day before Galungan) This is the day to slaughter sacrificial animals like chickens, ducks or pigs. People cook them into various kinds of Balinese food, such as satay, soup, lawar (a special Balinese food made of meat or vegetables, mixed with coconut sauce).
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GALUNGAN DAY (1 february 2012) On the Galungan day, Balinese Hindus go to temples and other holy places to pray. People are dressed in colorful Balinese costumes. Women carry the banten, while the men and the children walk with them.
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galungan ceremony - praying renjang dancers on kuta beach (source)
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galungan at batukau temple (source)
MANIS GALUNGAN (1 day after Galungan) On this day, Balinese Hindu communities usually visit their relatives, friends and neighbors. They forgive each other and remain together. It is also a day to relax and visit places of interest, after the long days of preparations for the celebration
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Happy galungan day ( february 1, 2012)