Sunday, February 5, 2012

happy 23rd anniversary

A big happy anniversary goes out to my mama and papa. They've been married for 23 years on February 4th, and counting. So, it's kind of memorable. I can’t say enough wonderful things about them – I mean what could be wrong about two people that raised such a person like me?. I love them so much. They really are the most fabulous, loving, supportive parents anyone could ever have. And they mean the world to me.
the wedding
Married life is more than love adjustments and understanding. It's greater than just being husband and wife, mama and papa. Keeping the love in the relationship burning alive with all that jazz despite adversities through the years, and not just holding on to the marriage for the sake of camaraderie or the children.
love the way my papa look at me
papa (ory), mama (welly) holding me, and beloved grandpa (nand)
in my 4th bday party
I do not know how they are able to survive it… But I think that whatever marriage formula it is, it works for my parents. I will not call it a marriage made in heaven, or a blissful and happy one – rather I would aptly call the marriage of my parents as “Tolerance Marriage beyond Differences”.
in uluwatu, Bali
So let's give a big fancy shout out to my parents and a "happy 23rd anniversary!" I wish them much happiness on their anniversary and many happy years to come!!

kiss and hug for my lovely parents
Yuniar C. Th. Johansz