Friday, November 11, 2011

missing home & fams

actually i should do my task now, instead i'm here writing my blog and missed my home... i don't know why, i never tell people that i miss my home, but right now, i really miss them.. yeah, now i can feel what people feel when they say they are homesick. :(  T_T i wanna go home, i miss my mom makes me a yellow fish sauce (ikan kuah kuning - ambonese food), red bean soup and the super duper delicious pumpkin tart.
my dad, odry and me (when i was 7)
i really miss a late night chat with my dad.. even the topic that we talk was a bored one, but i still miss them.. miss the way he told me to be a better person.. miss the story of johansz family tree (until now, i think iam a bad johansz cause i can't remember the pedigree)
odry (my little brother) and me
i miss my lil bro, odry.. he is a naughty one but i think he is older then his true age.. sometimes he tell me how to realize the great bible verse into the real life.. i think someday he will be a great pastor..
my mom and my dad
i miss my mom so much.. miss the time i accompany her to go to somewhere.. miss the way she listening all my "not important story"

hope all of you always have a blessed from God.

Yuniar C. Th Johansz