Wednesday, August 28, 2013

inikah yang dialami A.R ?

lagi baca sebuah blog dan tiba-tiba terpaku dengan penggalan paragraf ini (source):
Writing this is yet another try for me to heal. Just like you, I heal and deal with everything that happens to me by writing it down. All I want for now is to get my bleeding, open wound to turn into that scar. I’m standing at the very same place I did that night we said goodbye for the very last time, and I feel that it’s time to take care of this. I still got so many unanswered questions, I’ve been analyzing everything we said and done, I still dream about you and is still hoping that you will turn up and acknowledge that everything was a mistake. But I’m smarter than that. One part of me knows that it never will happen. It isn’t my job to fix you. I now realize that the instant moment I told myself that I would be the one fixing you… That is the moment I turned myself and my own worth down. You have to fix yourself. And when that day comes, when I see you with a woman that will have you in the way I wanted you, I will break one last time. And after that, it’s my turn to be happy.
semua kalimat diatas ngebuat gue langsung keinget ama sosok seorang sahabat.. paragraf ini sama sekali tidak mewakili apa yang terjadi di hidup gue, tapi gue rasa paragraf ini begitu mengena bagi seorang sahabat A.R... hey, you Mr. AR bagaimana dengan rasa terhadap dia? sudah hilangkah atau masih berusaha dihilangkan?


Yuniar C. Th. Johansz