Saturday, August 31, 2013

Regata Storica (Historic Regatta) : Venice, Italia

Something just flashing in my mind.. it was boats, river, something about sail, team work, fun, and festival... So i just googling about some boat races and canal festival and i found this one.. 

Regata Storica
Location: Castello, Venice, Italy
Date: first Sunday in September. 1 Sep 2013; 7 Sep 2014; 6 Sep 2015.

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These rowing races on the Grand Canal commemorate the welcome given to Caterina Cornaro, wife of the King of Cyprus, in 1489 after she renounced her throne in favour of Venice. The most famous regatta out of 120-plus that take place in the watery city between April and September, the event begins with a parade of boats decorated in 16th-century style and powered by crews in period costume. 
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The races start in the Castello area and proceed west up the canal to the former convent of Santa Chiara, where the boats turn around a paleto (pylon) to pound back to the finishing line at Ca’ Foscari, cheered on by the locals.
** Information Source : Lonely Planet

Yuniar C. Th. Johansz