Tuesday, November 2, 2010

today, tomorrow, just a day..

today I'm thinking about tomorrow
but then it occurred again that tomorrow is tomorrow
so let tomorrow be just another thought
because everything is uncertain
* But is it true as I thought?

now and later .. tomorrow, day after tomorrow, next week, next month, next year
infants, adolescents, adults, elderly
kindergarten, elementary schools, middle schools, high school, college, work
young, old, rich, poor, officers, factory workers, wake, sleep, happy, sad, upset, clowns, politicians, cats, dogs, carnivores, herbivores ..

there are only two certainty in this world :
the first god already exist,
the second, the surest thing in the world is uncertain ..

if you confused by all of this things ..
so, the question you must asked is what and why you are exist in this world ..
still confused who will answer this ..
ask again to the gods.

* Keep your intimacy with god